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This is my interpretive argument about some musical songs I listened to, and now I am going to report these songs on this page. I hope you like it and enjoy.

My Mammy is the first song I listened to. My Mammy is from the movie the Jazz Singer. The jazz singer wasn’t the first musical film or the first sound movie but it was the first movie who made it big in Hollywood.  The most famous line out of the movie is…

wait a minute, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Wait a minute, I tell ya! You ain’t heard nothin’! You wanna hear “Toot, Toot, Tootsie”? All right, hold on, hold on..

This was a line to introduce songs. My Mammy takes place in a theater with Jack Robin singing the song to the audiance. actually he is singing the song to his mother who came to look at him. The song is also about his mother. I like the song because there is a meaning behind the song and the fact that he is singing it to his Mother. What I find a little bit strange is that Jack Robin has a black face. It’s make up but looks weird.                    (source:

After The Jazz Singer many movies with music followed. Like the movie The Wizard Of Oz. It was made in 1939. The movie is one of the best movies ever made, this is a true fact and I totally agree. My favourite songs from the movie are Were Of To See The Wizard and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The song Somewhere Over The Rainbow is about a simple girl named Dorothy who wants to escape her life and be in a place where she doesn’t cause trouble. The song takes place in a field nearby a farm I think because you see some tools they use on the land and a big stack of hay.  I think the lyrics of the song really matches with what’s the song is about.                                                                                                     (source:

The next song I want to talk about is from the movie Mary Poppins. The movie made in 1964 is about a nanny in London, who has a bag where even a elephant can fit in and a umberella that’s magical. Popular songs from Mary Poppins are a Spoon Full Of Sugar and  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I really like the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Because when I was little I couldn’t sing along with the song because the words where kind of difficult so I tried many times, and after a while I could sing along with the whole song. It’s about a made up word. The clip is a little bit unrealistic but it’s fun to watch. Mary Poppins sings the song after she wins a horse race and everybody sings along. The people in the song are drawed like cartoon people. It’s a fun thing to see all those cartoons dancing with  Mary Poppins. The song makes me really happy and its funny to watch because  the dance moves and all the other stuff . Can you say it backwards? that would be dociousaliexpilisticfragicalirupes. (source:

next I listened to a song that’s on my all time favorite list. The Lion King made in 1974 has songs that are happy like Hakuna Matattta (which means no worries for the rest of your life) and songs like The Circkle Of Life. The movie begins with the song The Circle Of Life. In the song you see te journey all the animals of the kingdom make to come see little Simba who will be showed to the animals by Rafiki. When Rafiki shows Simba to the animals of the kingdom, they go wild. I think they go wild because there just so excited. I love this song so much not only because Elton John wrote it, but also because it’s not just a stupid Disney song about falling in love or something, no it’s about that there is a meaning behind life on earth, and finding your place in the circle of life. My favorite line from the song is…. (source:

          “Some of us fall by the wayside
And some of us soar to the stars
And some of us sail through our troubles
And some have to live with the scars”

A classic movie with music is Dirty Dancing (1987). Dirty Dancing is about a girl who falls in love with here dance teacher she met on holiday.  At the end of the holiday there is always a party where people can perform songs.  Baby and John perform the song Time Of My Life at that party. In the song Baby and John do a couple of spectacular lifts but the most beautiful lift is at the end of the song after the crowd starts dancing too. The song is really nice and the dance moves in the song are pretty cool . I don’t really  know what kind of dance style it is but it’s a pretty cool video.                                                                                (source:’ve_Had)_The_Time_of_My_Life)

Another  music movie I really like is Mamma Mia. Mama Mia is an British/ American romantic / musical movie. The songs in the movie are from a very popular pop group from the 80’s, they were called ABBA . Mamma Mia is one of my favorite movies.  I watched the movie so much I still can sing along with all the songs from the movie. But my favorite song is probably Dancing queen. Mama mia’s Dancing queen makes me imediately happy. In the song Tanya and Rosie are singing the song to their bestfriend Donna who is a little bit down. The song is really happy actually because after they find a way to cheer up Donna they go singing the song all over the town and other women join them. The song ends at a pier and they all jump into the water. I really like the way the women from the town are dancing in the streets, and how different kind of women just throw their work away and  dance.                                                                                                                                                        ( source:!_(film))

After the song Dancing Queen I was in a happy mood so here is another happy song. The song I listened to is from the movie Song of the South which is made in 1946. The song Zip- a-Dee-Doo-Dah was sung by James Baskett and the song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song was  for many years part of the opening medoly for the “Wonderful World of Disney ” that is a televison program. Many people covered the song but I think that the original is the best. I think he is just singing about how it’s a wonderful day, that there isn’t really a meaning behind the song doesn’t matter that much because  I like it anyway because it just gives me a happy feeling and it reminds me of Disneyland . You can see it is a wonderful day because the birds are chirping and butterfly’s are flying. Mister blue bird on his shoulder when he is singing stand for cheers. If you don’t know this song you really should check it out it’s awesome.                                       (source:

One of my favorite movies off all time is Grease  (1978) , I really like the songs and the story. One of my favorite songs of Grease is You’re The One That I Want , sung by Danny Zuko ( Jonh Travolta ) and Sandy Olsson ( Olivia Newton-John ). The song is one of the best selling singles of all time , has been sold more than 6 million copies . The song takes place at a fair , where Sandy shows her transformation at Danny . I think Zuko  is amazed by what he sees and then they start singing to eachother . While they sing they go into a an attraction at the fair with weird moving things. Another song that I love from the movie Grease is ” Greased Lightning ”  this song takes place at a garage where Danny and the T-birds are singing. They are singing about the car they are trying to fix and how cool the car is. It looks like a wreck. In the song the decor from the garage suddenly changes into a big white room with the car in the middle. The car also changes to a cool red one. I find this transformations really cool because it gives a Rock and Roll vibe. While singing the song Danny and the T-birds do weird dances. I don’t know what they are trying to do but it looks funny.                                                                                                                                     (source:

Another song I want to talk about is It’s A Hard Knock Life from the movie Annie. I watched the movie with my grandma so much that the tape isn’t working anymore. Annie is a little girl without parents who lives in a house full of orphans. When I listen to the song It’s A Hard Knock Life I hear anger and also a little bit sadness, what is completely understandable when you always have to work and when you haven’t been treated very well . Another song from the movie is Tomorrow . I think the song is a little bit sad but beautiful to. Annie sings this song. It’s about that you don’t have to be sad and that beter days always will come and I think that’s beautiful. The song is really positive. But on the other side, it is a little bit bored because she keeps on singing the same things. What I find really cool is the instrumental part in this song. You can definitelly hear all the instruments, which fit together perfectly.                 (source:

Another song I listened to is from the movie Yentl. The song I listened to is Papa Can You Hear Me. The song has a special meaning to me because my mom named me Yentl because of this song . It is about Yentl’s dad who just passed away. The song is really emotional and makes me a little bit sad, because you can see she is very sad and the song is also really sad but beautiful to. I find it so beautiful because the lyrics of the song is very powerful. The decor of the song is very simple I think it is in a forrest because you can see trees in the background, see light up a candle which represents her dad. The decor is simple but powerful and I don’t think the song needs a busy decor. I like this song not only because my mom named me after the movie but I also like it because it has a beautiful lyrics and Barbara Streisand can sing really well.                                                                (source:,_Can_You_Hear_Me%3F)                                                                    images






Last song but definitely not least is the song from the movie The Sound Of Music. With songs like So Long Farwell , My Favorite Things and Do-Re-Mi it really is a classic. The song Do-Re-Mi is a really happy song. Within the story it is used by Maria , who teaches the Von Trapp children the notes of the major music scale. It is their first time that somebody learns them to sing , their father didn’t want them to sing after their mother died. The song comes on  two times in the movie , the first time in the living room of Captain von Trapp”s house and later in the movie as Maria and the children are on a hill in the town of Zalsburg. What I like about the song is that when she sing the song for the first time the kids first don’t understand how to sing it so Maria makes it easier , with every note she uses she gives the kids an explanation so it is easier to remember. The second time she sing the song to the Von Trapp children they know the notes but they find it weird because with notes you can’t sing songs. So Maria sings the song with words. The song is really happy and you can learn the notes with it.                                                                  (source:

This was my. Interpretive argument I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed writing this because it brought some memories back and because I just love films with music.

Greets Yentl









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