Death penalty and arguments


so we are Fiji a very beautiful island in the pacific ocean. We are a peaceful island.

we don’t have a death penalty, anymore. We abolished it last month.

However the last time we executed a guy was in 1964.

As the island Fiji we are against the Death sentence. But why?

We know there are some arguments for it,

arguments like, it will keep the crime rate low and we will protect our people against criminals.

the death sentence might scare the criminals, cause we think no one wants to be killed because he committed a crime .

another argument could be: old habits die hard. you don’t know if he or she learns from their mistake,they could do it again.

but are these arguments enough to convince you that a death is better for all of us.

we don’t think so. it is against al our human rights. we understand that it is a horrible thing the criminal comitted.

but we think everyone desevers a second change.

our first argument. like we said in the arguments in favour of the death penalty.

you do not know if the person is going to change.

there is a change that he or she might reget what they did.

and if they do, we as nation should help them, not kill them.

our second argument:




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