Dear Lucille


Letter 1

Dear Lucille,

First of all, how are you today?

I want to say that I really enjoyed your guide, it was pretty funny and your grammar is actually really good. I read it and thought “wow your english is really good’.

I only noticed some small mistakes such as the wrong word order, like in this sentence ‘weIn the Netherlands we have a lot of hobbies’ I think it would have been better if you had said ‘ we in the Netherland have a lot of hobbies’.

Sometimes your sentences got a little confusing, or you put full stops where there should have been comma’s. Also your website is confusing. Where are all your assignment? I would recommend making a organized menu!

But your content is very interesting, and the way you descirbe dutch people is hilarious and accrute.

Greets from your classmate Yentl.


letter 1

Lucilles response

Hi Yentl,

First of all you have a nice website, but I miss some pictures.

You have some mistakes with the wordorder and the interpunction in your latest blog called hagelslag but your grammar is very good.

There is one thing that you mostly forget, capital letters. After a fullstop there must be a capital letter, you should think about that more often. The interpunction in your text is sometimes a bit weird, the comma must come after some words where you put it first.

I know you have dyslexie but i don’t see it in your texts, that is a good thing.

The content of your text is very funny, it is a hard subject to write about but you did it really cool. There are a lot of facts in it so we really learn something from your blog.

So really nice text but remember the capital letters!

Greets from Lucille.



letter 2

Dear Lucille,

thank you for your letter!

So I read the script for your commercial and your elevator pitch , and I also saw your commercial. I would definitely buy the chips mixer, it is genius.

Your script was very professional. I would recommend making some paragraphs though, it gets confusing and with my dyslexia it is hard to read.

you English pronunciation is very good, you speak very clearly and slowly. And your video is very clear and funny.

sometimes you make small mistakes with your grammar, not really noticeable if you don’t closely pay attention. I noticed that one time you didn’t use a capital I, but you probably just forget that one. Overall it was a great text, I enjoyed it very much!

greets from your classmate Yentl.


Lucilles response

Hi Yentl

I feel good, thanks for asking.

I have read your text called Analyze. It was a nice text but I do not like the title so much, it is a bit simple, I think you should change it to something else.

Just like my other letter think about the interpunction, the word order and the capital letters. The content of your text is just like the other one very good. I do think you could end your text better to give us a summerize or to give a conclusion of your text.

I saw the letter you wrote me, thanks for the tips, I will think about the word order more often next time and I will change my website if I understand how to do it. I am glad you liked my text about dutch people!

Best wishes,




letter 3

Dear Lucille,

It is nice to hear the kind things you say about my website, thank you for that. I decided to read your assignment about your songs. I like the songs you choose, especially your analyze about the song Lucille.

I found some mistakes in your text. Some wordt you mis-spelled like wisom, I think you meant wisdom. Also your word order is wrong in some sentences, like ‘The Beatles sing let it be, but what should they let be? ‘ what should they let be sounds weird. I have noticed some more mistakes like that in your texts. maybe you can work on that. Also you forgot the capital I once, I would fix that.

Hope you have a great day,

greets Yentl.


Lucilles letter

Hi Yentl,

Thanks for your letter.

Today I have read your blogpost about cement garden. I am sorry to say but you have made a lot of mistakes. Maybe you were tired or bored but I see lots of things that are wrong that you could fix if you were awake because the mistakes are mostly the same. The most common mistake that irritates me is that you do not use the capital letter after you have used a full stop.

Maybe if you have to write a new blogpost in the future you could look back at what you wrote and see if you used the comma or the fullstop.

I like the content and your grammar is very good! The only thing you should think about are the capital letters.

Best wishes,




Letter 4

Lucilles letter

Bi Yentl,

Thanks for your letter. I will think about your tips more often when I have to write a new blogpost. I know I have problems with the wordorder so thanks for reminding me of that!

Today I just want to talk to you. How are you? Goes everything well at school? It is almost Easter, are you going to do something special with family or friends? Do you have a tradition or something?

I like Easter, we get some days of from school so that is great! But beyond that I think it is not that special, maybe for people who believe in god it is, but not for me. Me and my family eat a delicious lunch but that is it.

I hope to hear from you soon and I am looking forward to your next letter.

Have a nice Easter.

Best wishes,



Dear Lucille,

how are you today?

I hope you had a nice Easter! Did you search for Easter eggs, and had brunch with your family?

Thanks for your letter by the way!

It is nice to know that you will work on your word order, it is basically the only mistake that you made. Your English is really good. It must be hard to transfer from mavo to havo but you seem to do fine. To awnser your questions, I am good. school has been a lot of work but  I manage. How is school for you?

We don’t really celebrate Easter, but my Easter was okay.  I also like the days off with Easter, I think it is the best part about Easter.  I read that you had brunch with your family, sounds fun. I hope it was delicious!

Best wishes,




Letter 5

dear Peter,

Thank you for your letter!

I think it’s pretty awesome to talk to  somebody who lives across the North Sea. It is cool that you love the beach so much. surfing and snorkeling sound like cool hobbies, I would love to learn how to surf someday.

My name is Yentl. I am fifteen years old. I still go to school, I am in 4havo which is the elevent grade in you country. My hobby is photography, I think it’s awesome that when you see something  cool, like a beautiful sunset, you can make a picture of it and remember it.

I love going to the beach or to the pier in Ymuiden. I used to go to the beach quite ofton, I basically spend my hole summer there. I will send you a picture of the beach and the pier.  When I was younger we used to climb on the pier near the smallest beach and jump off of it.

I would love to meet you someday. Brighton sounds like an awesome place to live. I look forward to your next letter!

best wishes,



Lucilles response

Hi Yentl,

How are you today? Thanks again for your latest letter. Nice to hear your Easter was fine, mine was too. The only problem I see in your letters is that you forget the capital letters, just like my other letters, think about that!

I am fine at school, thanks for asking me. My grades are good except for math. What is your baddest school subject?

I have one thing to complain about, your site. Not your whole site because it looks great and well organised but you have a few blogpost with only a title and no content. I should delete them, it is very irritating for people who want to read your blogpost but there is nothing to read. But other than that your site is really nice.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes,




Letter 6

Dear Lucille,

How is your day going?

I just read your letter. and this time I will write in capital letters, like you remind me in all your letters. Lately I haven’t been able to find something wrong with the word order, so I guess you thought about that. It is good to know. But in your latest letter you make some mistakes: baddest is not a word, it is worst school subject. But to awnser your question: it is math.

I will delete my empty blog posts, I know it is irritating. I see that you still haven’t changed your site, if you don’t know how to I could help!




Lucilles response

Hi Yentl,

This will be our last letter, I really enjoyed talking to you. Thanks. Because of you I will think about the word order more often. I hope I have helped you also with some things, like the capital letters.

Your tips were very usefull for me. I have read your latest letter you wrote to Peter and I saw some spelling mistakes and again you forgot a capital letter. But except from that I liked to talk with you. Now I know some things about you that I didn’t knew. Good luck at school and i hope you will get your exam.

I am glad you want to help me with my site, it does not look very good, but with your help I hope it will.

Greets Lucille