Dear diary


Dear diary, 12-11-2014

So today I started with the book ‘A Brave New World’. My teacher English first told me and my fellow classmates about the story. And I was very excited to read it. The introduction was boring but when I begun with the first chapter I immediately liked it. Some of my classmates said that the first chapter was boring but I found it somehow interesting. I understand why some may find it boring because it is technical. In the second chapter the story really begun. What impressed me the most was they actually teach the Beta children to hate the Epsilon and the Delta children while they sleep. And that every group has their own colour clothes. If you think about it it’s like people don’t even live their life’s and are like robots. And everybody is okay with it. I read this chapter kind of amazed with what these people do to make a perfect society. It’s crazy !!

Dear diary,15-11-2014

 I chose the subject individuality to make a presentation about. so I started to wonder is there individuality in Brave New World?  well yes and no. yes because Bernard Marx one of the main characters is really different from the rest. but does individuality means that your different from the others? I didn’t really know so, I googled what individuality really was. What I found:

individuality [in′də vij′o̵̅o̅ alə tē]i  /noun/ 1 . individuality is defined as the unique characteristics and traits that make someone or something one of a kind.                              

 I came to the conclusion that Bernard is an individual. how? Because in the beginning of the book  Lenina (another main character) talks with her friend about Bernard. They describe him like an outcast and her friend is clearly not so fond of him. ‘They say he doesn’t like any of the state sports’ and ‘He’s is so ugly’ are some of the things she says about Bernard. Also in chapter 5 Bernard is really embarrassed talking with Lenina in the elevator. Wich is really normal but he thinks it’s awkward.So this is my opinion so far. maybe Bernard isn’t so shy, and turns out to be a social butterfly. Who knows?       


Dear Diary 17-11-2014 

I read a little more today. chapter 3 didn’t really interested me thought. it’s basically Lenina and her friend gossiping while changing after work,So I will skip that chapter. Chapter 4 not really interesting too. But it’s worth writing about. I found it a really harsh move from Lenina to just keep Bernard hanging at the lifts. that’s cruel, poor Bernard. Bernard seems affected by it too. In this chapter you meet the famous Henry currently kind of boyfriend from Lenina. I don’t know if you should call it a boyfriend because of the ‘the more guys, the better’ rule. Henry sounds like a jerk. you also get to meet Bernard a little bit better. wich is good because he appears to be really mysterious. what do you do all day if you don’t play the state sports? you may wonder. well Bernard goes to Mr Helmholtz Watson to talk about how cruel life is and how terrible his life is. did this chapter had anything  to do with individuality? Yes, Bernard again appears to be an outcast and acts different from the rest.


Dear diary, 18-11-2014

‘The social sea’, what a weird name for a chapter. is it like a sea with mermaid’s who are really social, I thought. But no, the chapter is about a factory for dead people and some weird dinner that Bernard attends. It was really confusing when I was reading about the dinner because I thought that Bernard was really unsocial and that not many people liked him. So yeah I was kind of surprised that he would attend a dinner. But maybe he was a social butterfly, but nobody knew that. I don’t think so because he maybe attended the dinner but he wasn’t very social . But when Bernard and others were given soma . Bernard started to lose up. Not that he suddenly was a normal member of society, because he was still unhappy . He just pretended. I laughed hard at the part where Bernard judges the eyebrows of Morgana. did this chapter had anything  to do with individuality?Well yes and no, no because he appeared to be happy and normal and yes because he still was very unhappy.

Dear Diary 21-11-2014


‘odd,odd,odd’ that’s is how chapter 6 starts. maybe the first sentences perfectly describes what I think of this chapter. It started okay you know, just Lenina’s opinion about Bernard. And thinking about the invite she got to go with him on a holiday to the savages. So they went on a date. The date was normal to. Well not the normal date in Brave New World but it seemed decent. But on their way back Bernard let the helicopter hang still above the ocean of course Lenina thought like ‘are you crazy, that is awful’. I was like girl it’s just an ocean, get over yourself. And then Bernard started to ramble crazy things like how he doesn’t want to be useful and I was like ‘ yeah this is all normal’. After getting some soma Bernard calms down again . the chapter is also about Bernard asking permission to the director to go on a holiday in the savages. And then suddenly the Director starts to tell his life story. So yeah  I found this chapter very weird ans confusing. But can we speak of individuality in this chapter? Yes we definitely can. You can read very clearly how Bernard calls himself different. Maybe not in these exact words. But he definitely means it.   


Dear Diary 25-11-2014


I read chapter 7 and 8 today. and there were some pretty interesting things, I want to write about. the chapter begun with Lenina complaining again when they went to visit the indian village. if you can even call it a village. A boy was sacrificed when they visited. I think it was a ritual. When the ritual was over. A boy came storming in his name was john. I think Lenina was crushing on him from the moment she forgot about her soma.You also get to meet Linda, the mother of John. John and Linda are not indians, Linda got lost one day in the Mountains. And I was like wait a minute I heard this story before. Maybe Linda was the girlfriend of the Director. Because in chapter 6 the Director tells that he lost his girlfriend in the Mountains. Chapter 8 was like memories from john’s childhood and not really worth telling. But is there individuality in these chapters? Yes, in chapter 7 Bernard even said he wanted to be an individual. But it wasn’t really showing.


Dear Diary 30-11-2014


I’m reading chapter nine now. And it started okay. I thought this is going to be a chapter about conditioning again. But I was very wrong. The chapter is about  the big surprise for the Director. That his girlfriend from a long time ago is still alive and has a son. If I would be the Director I would be very shocked but happy to. But the director reacted different. I think he definitely was shocked but not the good kind. He was ashamed and pushed them away. I think he only tought about his reputation and not about his girlfriend and son. He will be fired, that’s for sure. But is there individuality in this chapter? Yes, now even the Director is an individual, maybe for the first time in his life he is. Also John and Linda are individuals. They come from the savages so they look and act, maybe John more that Linda, totally, different from the persons in Brave New World. (sorry for another typing it won’t change)

Dear Diary 3-12-2014

Another diary another day, today I want to write about chapter ten and eleven. So my expectation was right. The Director of Hatching and conditioning is no longer the Director of Hatching and conditioning. I don’t get why everybody hate Linda and adore John. They are both Savages. Only because Linda is a mom. The book says Linda doesn’t mind, but I think she does mind. That’s maybe one of the reasons she uses soma a lot. It really unhealthy how much she takes every day, but nobody stops her. I always thought that the Director as he is called in the book was the highest rank. But there is someone who is higher in the ranks. His name is Mustapha Mond and he appears to be some douche who thinks he is the best. I don’t really like him. In chapter ten Lenina also takes John to the movies. And after the movies they are going home. John is very confusing because one moment he acts like he likes Lenina and then he acts really distant towards her. Are you bipolar John? Chapter 11 is not that interesting it’s mainly about Bernard who can’t get John out of his room to attend the dinner Bernard organized. But is there individuality in these chapters?Yes, John and Linda are still individuals. 


Dear Diary 6-12-2014

so here I am going to talk about the remaining chapters. I want my last chapter to be about pro’s and con’s of the book. I think Lenina and John should be together already. they are making easy things very complicated. so that is my opinion about John and Lenina. Of course I know they can’t be together because in the end, John commits suicide. Wich is a shame. My opinion about Bernard: he is a strange guy, and I think he always will stay a strange guy. But I enjoyed reading about him more than the other characters. Maybe it is his weirdness, or maybe because he is he most like a person from our World. And l last but not least I want to give my opinion about Linda. She was a strong woman. She may not seem like one. But she definitely was. She raised John al alone and she survived in the savages. The last question I want to answer is: is there individuality in this book? It may not seem like it in the beginning, but there are many individuals in this for example: John, Linda Bernard, Helmholtz Watson and the indians. So yeah, there definitely is individuality in the book Brave New World.


Dear Diary 9-12-2014


This is already my last diary. And I am going to miss writing in you, my dear diary. So in the last chapter I said I was going to do a pro’s and con’s diary. The pro’s: there were references to Shakespeare wich I thought was really cool, because even in Brave New World Shakespeare is important, You did a great job on that Aldous. I also liked how some sentences were written, like ‘ the return to civilization was for her the return to soma’ it is a serious book bit it has some humour in it to. The con’s are: the book was written  with some difficult words, and I have dyslexia. So sometimes I made up a whole different and new word. Another con was: if you hadn’t read for a couple of days. It was very hard to continue in the book. But I worked my way around that. And all that matters at the of the day is that I found it a really nice and interesting book!


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