cement garden

Why did the author write such a weird book? We personally thought that he did this, because this was his first novel and he probably wanted to make a name fo himself. every author wants to be noticed. and even if McEwan says he didn’t want to publish it he still did. we thought that he wanted everyone to know him. In the stencel we got, we found the information about the time this book was written in. It was in the late 70s when McEwan wrote this. Everyone thought that it was all collapsing. So, we think, McEwan thought he could write the weirdest book ever, but that still people would buy it. But what makes this book so weird?
We think it is the way the children react to the situations in this story. With this we mean the fact that they have put their death mom in cement. the not speaking about their father after he died, they acted like he never excisted. even if you don’t have a good connection with your father, you will probally still grief after he died. Oh, and ofcourse; the incest is also pretty weird. like really weird,   That being explained, we can go to our main question.

Now that everyone knows that this book is weird, and now that everyone knows why this book is weird, we would love to explain to you how it’s possible that it feels like the story gets more normal, while the happenings only get weirder.

We think that the main cause is that you get used to it is : There are so many books, which are written ‘normal’. or storylines that are about things like high school life, In most of these stories, they talk about wizards, or wolfs, or, you know, that kind of stuff. We, society, think that these books are the normal ones, and everything which is a little different, is weird. But then, the world was collapsing, and McEwan thought: I am going to write a book about incest. Why not? He did not write it because he wanted attention, or he wanted to make a good name for his first novel. No, we think he did this, because he wanted to break societal norms. Or maybe he wanted to totally change them. He made this book so weird, in our eyes, just because he wanted to show us you can break every taboo. And with doing this, he created an improved normal. ofcourse not every improved normal is a good improved normal. but after a bit of reading this did you notice too, that the book shocked you less, ofcourse the end is still very shocking. but we personally kind of saw it coming. we though if the beginnig is like that how bad can the end possibly be. we got curious, we read on and found out more, you began to understand the characters. we saw things coming and because we saw this things coming we were less shocked.

so to come to our conclusion .norms can be broken and changed, and by being weird, you may actually help in creating an improved normal. this book is a good example of an improved normal. it changes the norms of a normal book, of a normal home situation, only we don’t think it is a good improved normal if that is the situations you live in. for a book this could be a good improved normal. we think McEwan wrote this book because he wanted to change those norms. or he was just on drugs, thats also an option