So hey again guys.

These are my analyze’s of the greatest hits.I choose these songs not only because they sound nice but also because I grew up with them and wanted to know more about these songs. I hope you guys enjoy!

First song is Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2. I have been listening to this quite some time. I never understood the lyrics until my grandpa explained the meaning behind it .  But one thing I always wondered was: in the song the line ‘this is not a rebel song’ is quoted, but why is this not a rebel song? First of in my honest opinion I find this very much sound like a rebel song. It is sending a message that is saying stop this. I was not impressed it was not a rebel song.So I looked it up online. And I found out that Bono said this because the song was meant as a rebel song, but because the lyrics of the song were to politcal, they changed some lyrics. But the fans still saw the song a a rebel song. Which could be confused with an Irish song, which was actually forbidden to listen to. trying to not cause any harm, Bono introduced the song at live performances with the line ‘this is  not a rebel song’.

Next song is Another Brick In The Wall, Pink Floyd. This is a good song, like a really good song. But I wondered why does Pink Floyd compare the school system to a brick wall? I think the wall represent  the wall the kids build around themsleves to protect themselves because of how they are threated in school and elsewhere . Out of expirience I know that sometimes in some classes I won’t ask questions out of fear of being jugded by teachers, I think te bricks in the wall represent the events in his life that build that wall, and that his teacher that didn’t help him is another one of those bricks and that he or she is another brick in the wall. This is powerful and I never thought twice about the lyrics.

So next, I never heard of this song before: political Science by Rany Newman. But it sounds just amazing, So relaxed. Is this a song about politics in America? This song is defenitely about America, you can conclude that by the way he sings South America stole our name, and every continent is named except for America. So we know for sure it is about America. In the song Randy talks about the big one, he probally means a bom. Because he is singing things like ‘ there is no one left to blame us’ and ‘ we will purvilize them’. It is about politics, but only American politics? Yes, because America would be the world leader as he discribed it . It is a fact that America is the most powerfull and influental country in the world, so he is basically singing we can take you all or we can destroy you all.

I love listening to the Rolling stones but never before have I heard this song. Paint It Black,. This is an amazing song. But why oh why does he want to paint it all black? So at first I googled it. Google didn’t really give me an awnser. So this is what I made of it: What I get from this song is that he is either depressed and heartbroken or that he likes the colour black a whole lot. Black is commenly used as the colour for darkness, depression and death, so it could be that he lost someone he cared for deeply. A sentence that really caught my attention was ‘I could not foresee the thing happening to you, so that could mean that he had something to do with losing ‘his love’ , because of this experience his heart is black, non-loving, and his world is black because of the emptiness he is feeling.  My conclusion is the singer is depressed about losing someone in which way not really showing, and he wants to forget all about it.

Next up. My Generation, The Who. this song is amazing, while listening to this song I came up with two questions. Why does he stutter and slur so much? Is this song against their generation or the people judging their generation ? To give you awnser on the first question. It fits, it looks cool. To awnser the second question. I think they are okay with their generation. But what they don’t like is how other people talk about their generation. This song is from the 70’s. The 70’s was a time the young generation was rebbeling against the more conservative older generation. Ofcourse the older generations critized this. That explains most of the song. About how all of them need to shut up and how he doesn’t want to become one of them.

Nirvana is in my opinion one of the best bands ever. They are legends. The song I choose is from their unplugged live cd: Lake Of Fire . This is in my opinion the best song from Nirvana. So I started to google this song without mentioning Nirvana’s name, and one of the things that google showed was ‘lake of fire bible’ I got curious. My question really is, does this song has to do with what the bible says about a like of fire? A lake of fire as it is interperted in the bible means : the second death. As if its not enough that you go to hell, you end up in a lake of fire. In the bible ‘lake of fire’ is mentioned quite a lot, 15 times in total. Then I looked up if someone from Nirvana was religious. The writer of the song Kurt Cobain was raised christain. So  he has to have known about the therm ‘lake of fire’ .Also in the lyrics they talk about heaven, angels and the devil. which is like a main topic in the bible. You go to heaven when you were good as a christain with angels and good stuff, and you would go to hell when you sinned with devils and stuff. So this song defenitelly has to do with what the bible descripes as ‘lake of fire’.

So next up my favorite song from The Rolling Stones, Sympathy For The Devil. This song has such a nice vibe to it. And those guiter solo’s are amazing. While I was looking over the lyrics I noticed that he was talking for someone. So I wonder is he talking in the name of god? It would have made sence because god has seen it all. But then I remembered that the song is called sympathy for the devil. So did god have no sympathy for the devil? So I read the lyrics again and found the sentence ‘ just call me Lucifer’ and it all makes more sense. The title of the song has to do with the fact that this is about lucifer. Also better known as the devil. So no this song is not about god but actually about lucifer.

Honestly I never heard of this song before. But it is a good one: House Of The Rising Sun, The Animals. So what is it about this house that is so bad? I don’t really get it. He is not saying what happend there, only warning mothers to not led their sons go there. So I googled House of the rising sun New Orleans. I got a cozy looking bed and breakfast, so that’s probally not it. I scrolled a bit down and saw that there were many more versions of the song. And that it was originally a country song. I also found some theory’s about the house. Like it was a brothel or it was a women prison, the last one I found interesting because I remembered the line ‘ the ball and chain’ wich would be quite literal. But in the end there is no proof that those theories were indeed right. So I guess this will always be a mystery. Personally I just think someone made a pretty song that rhymed and sounds quite nice.

Next song is Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. This song is awesome. and the way he sings is cool, like very cool. While listening I noticed he was singing like he was very angry.  Naturally my question is: what is he so angry about? To be honest the lyrics is really confusing. It is not like he really talks about a subject very clearly.  I googled the song. And found that this song is supposed to be about the salvation army, one of the guys in the band used to call the salvation army: seven nation army. So he is probally singing about how refugees and troubeled people should stay away. Why I think this : he is talking about that every body has got a story, tragic and all. But he doesn’t want to .Now this would explain why he is so angrily singing because it is bothering him.

So this is one for my favourite list. It is called Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. When I  read the lyrics my first thought was: Is he talking about his lover or his daughter. I thought he was talking about his daughter because of lines like ‘my you have grown’. I was pretty convinced it was his daughter. Till I read over it once more. and I read ‘ making love in the green grass’ and I thought well that is not a normal thing to do with your daughter. Know I see that he is talking about his childhood sweetheart. because he is talking in past tense and how it was growing up togehter. This song is about how he still kind of loves her and misses those days.


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